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WaterfallCalc mortgage servicing

TECHNOLOGY & SECURITY is known throughout the mortgage servicing industry for delivering quality software, rigorously tested in hundreds of scenarios to insure the highest level of accuracy in our industry, using our proprietary calculation algorithms.

Currently our team of programmers and technology support personnel ensure that the system is maintained to the highest security standards, compliant with all industry related requirements and constantly updated to meet our client’s needs.  We are always looking for ways to add value and streamline the process.


Loss mitigation software for mortgage servicers - WaterfallCalc

For the best browser experience, we recommend using Google Chrome™, Firefox™ or Microsoft Edge™ to run the program.
NOTE: Internet Explorer™ is not compatible with this program and will cause the program not to work properly. Should you have an issue with this requirement, contact us and we will provide other suggestions.


Along with powerfully accurate software, we’re just as focused on providing the level of security required for your confidential data.

In order to accomplish this, we have teamed up with Microsoft™ to provide these security measures. All of the software programs and data are housed at Microsoft data warehouses, where other banking and government systems are also kept. The data is continually backed up on multiple servers and in multiple locations, giving you the peace of mind that our systems will continue to be available, even if there is a power outage or system failure.

To learn more about the Microsoft infrastructure and security in which we rely, please see the links below.

Download the whitepaper on Security, Privacy, and Compliance in Microsoft Azure

GLBA compliance 

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

Intrusion detection and prevention for Windows Azure:

Microsoft Live Account

In order to protect our client's data, utilizes the authentication protocols offered by MS Live.  So if a user attempts to login from a different computer, the system will send an authentication code to the MS Live registered email. For the most secure access to your data, each user will need a Microsoft Live account.

To test if your company email address is already registered with MS Live for authentication purposes, first attempt to sign in using your work email address at this link:

If your login works on this test site, then you can simply go to the Client Login Portal and log in directly.  

If you need to create an account, you can create one by going to: and clicking ‘Sign Up Now’ in the lower right.

Logging in to WaterfallCalc

When you click the ‘Login’ icon in the upper right of the WaterfallCalc home page, you will get a pop-up with a button that says ‘Login with Microsoft Live’. 

Click that and you will be taken to one of two pages depending on whether you are already logged in to Microsoft Live. 

If you are not already logged in to Microsoft Live:


​When you enter your account information, you can click ‘Keep me signed in’ to minimize the number of times you will have to actually enter your information.  Note that any time there is a question of authentication, you will be asked to sign in again.

After logging in, or if you were previously logged in, you will be taken to the authorization page for the WaterfallCalc site:


You will need to click ‘Yes’ to access the application.  Once you do, you will be automatically logged in to WaterfallCalc.  You should only see this page when you are logging in for the first time on a new computer.

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